Terms & Conditions Of Sale

National / International Pricing

Since leaving the EEC, all instruments travelling overseas may attract duties in the destination country. Prices quoted are for UK sales only.


If the instrument is not collected by overseas customers, it will be sent by post, fully insured, with the value stated on the package.


If the instrument is unsatisfactory it should be returned to me, undamaged, within three months of purchase for a full refund. All instruments are guaranteed against defects of materials or workmanship for two years, unless the customer alters or damages the recorder, or passes it on to a third party for repair without consulting the maker.

Payment Methods

International Transfer

If not purchased through the shop, an invoice will be issued for  international transfer to my account in the UK.

Personal Cheques

Personal bank cheques, from EEC customers, written in Euros only. Instruments will not be delivered at exhibitions without a deposit being paid.


Ordering An Instrument

Instruments can be ordered using the online shop. Images are for illustration only, and may be replaced with an equivalent product.

You can order an instrument at one of the European exhibitions, or by email. I do not normally ask for a deposit in advance, but one must be paid before the instrument is delivered.

Delivery Schedules

I usually have a stock of instruments for immediate sale. If not, my waiting time is approximately three  months. Delivery dates cannot be guaranteed. Please allow at least six weeks over-run before arranging to use your instrument.