Tim Cranmore’s range of hand crafted professional recorders are available to order subject to the schedule laid out in the following terms and conditions document.

Mediaeval Recorders after Tartu and Dordrecht

Recorders from the mediaeval period survive as images and fragments from archaeology. The best preserved is the Tartu sopranino. I make copies of the two originals, and a conjectural consort to play music from the 13th to 15th century, even though this is rarely specified as instrumental.

Three Hole Tabor Pipes

An overtone flute, suitable for pipe and tabor and Morris dance. Tuned in D,C,B flat, G and tenor C. The range includes historical copies after Praetorius and the Mary Rose originals.

The Dragon Flute (Drachenfloete)

I designed this instrument as a response to the rather safe contemporary versions of the recorder. A fantasy instrument in soprano C, the easy response and dark appearance makes this suitable for jazz, rock, and all contemporary musical situations.

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